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CTA graduates have acquired the skills and hands-on training to succeed in a range of workplace environments. Invest in hiring a CTA graduate today and know that our graduates are backed up with our Graduate Quality Assurance Program

Interested in employing  Career Training Academy’s skilled and capable graduates? Please fill out the form below and our career services adviser will distribute your listing to the relevant graduates.


Career Training Academy’s goal is to guarantee any training we offer. We assure that our graduates meet or exceed the levels of efficiency and proficiency set forth in our competency-based curricula.

Our objectives are the following:

  • To supply graduates and their employers with the areas of competency taught by Career Training Academy’s curriculum
  • Graduates will be able to perform to the satisfaction of their employers all the duties that are a part of Career Training Academy’s program
  • Graduates will be able to attend brush-up classes throughout their career; employers will be able to send the student back to Career Training Academy for retraining if the graduate is found to be deficient in any of the program’s competencies
  • Employers will be able to recommend to Career Training Academy new techniques, equipment or competencies that will benefit current students and graduates

Career Training Academy will offer tuition-free training to any graduate whose skill level is found to be deficient for the job. A charge for consumables and textbooks may be applicable and is due prior to attending the Graduate Quality Assurance Program.

  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, txt.
    If you prefer, attach a file with more details about each position available.