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CTA 2016 – 2017 Consumer Handbook

CTA 2016 -2017 Safety and Security Handbook

CTA 2016 – 2017 Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program

CTA 2014 – 2016 Biennial Review

CTA Academic Catalog 2016 – 2017

CTA Annual Notice 2016 – 2017

CTA 2017 Annual FERPA Notice

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Copyright Infringement Policy

Financial Aid Packaging Philosophy

Method and Frequency of Disbursement of Financial Aid

Exit Counseling Requirements, Federal Direct Loans (FDLP)

Gainful Employment Disclosure—Advanced Bodyworker (Day / Evening)

Gainful Employment Disclosure—Advanced Medical Coder/Biller (Day / Evening)

Gainful Employment Disclosure—Dental Assisting (Day / Evening)

Gainful Employment Disclosure—Health Insurance Claims Examiner (Day / Evening)

Gainful Employment Disclosure—Medical Assistant Comprehensive (Day / Evening)

Gainful Employment Disclosure—Medical/Clinical Assistant (Day / Evening)

Gainful Employment Disclosure—Massage Therapy (Day / Evening)

Gainful Employment Disclosure—Phlebotomy Technician (Day / Evening)